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The End of Frameworks!

The End of Frameworks!

31st July 2020 sees the end of apprenticeship frameworks!  

Framework Withdrawals

It seems like an age since it was announced that apprenticeship frameworks would be phased out but the time's almost upon us!

As from 1st August 2020 all new apprentices must on standards.

Now’s the time to check in with the available standards to make sure there’s an equivalent to the frameworks you’ve been delivering.

For example there isn’t a replacement for Business Administration Level 2 framework but there is Business Administration standard available at Level 3.

For some the Customer Service Practitioner Level 2 standard has proven to be quite versatile as it continues to allow employees to train in their administrative duties and also brings a new focus on the level and delivery of service and customer experience.

Check out the complete list of approved standards here.

Challenges for Providers

If you haven’t started to deliver standards as yet you’ve probably been in preparation to do so but with less than 6 months to go time will fly and the deadline will probably sneak up on you!

Now that assessments for apprenticeships are delivered externally there's been a shift in staff roles from being an assessor to a coach or tutor, which I would imagine has been a challenge after delivering frameworks so many years.

The ESFA's The Move from frameworks to standards (Webinar) below is really useful and informative.




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