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Classroom Manager

Classroom Manager enables the internal monitoring and management of class attendance.

How Athena MIS Simplifies Attendance Tracking for You!

As a training provider, you know how crucial attendance tracking is, especially for funded courses. But managing individual and class attendance can be a hassle, particularly when learners miss sessions.

Athena MIS takes the stress out of attendance with a flexible system that caters to your needs:

  • Effortless Individual Tracking: Need to add an attendance record or view a learner's history? A simple right-click and you're done! (See screenshot)

  • Organized Class Management: Create classroom groups across cohorts and years within the intuitive Classroom Manager. (See first image below)
Individual Attendance Record from Context Menu Individual Attendance Record from Context Menu
  • Instant Attendance Registers: Once groups are set up, generate attendance registers in seconds from the Classroom Registers Dashboard.

Use these registers for any session, tracking absences, lateness, and retention rates with real-time graphs for immediate insights.

  • Complete Attendance Overview: Gain a comprehensive view of all learners, courses, cohorts, and even Off-the-Job Training (OTJT) records from the Attendance Dashboard.

Stop wasting time on attendance and focus on what matters most - delivering exceptional training!

Classroom Manager Classroom Manager
Classroom Registers Classroom Registers
Attendance Dashboard Attendance Dashboard