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Internal Quality Assurance

IQA features enable the internal monitoring and management of learning delivery.

As you know, data management goes much further than ILR creation and ESFA compliance. There's the everyday learner progression to monitor, assess and to be scrutinised by your IQA's and awarding bodies.

You don't have to subscribe to our ePortfolio to access the IQA management tools because they're included in ALL Athena MIS licence types as standard!

So when it comes down to being able to risk assess assessors and create sample plans to fulfill quality assurance duties, Athena MIS has it in spades!

The IQA Dashboard is also available for progress maping, IQA reports and action tracking.

You can take it further by adding in the ePortfolio at any time to upload and map evidence to unit outcomes, for a one stop shop for learner progression tracking!