Athena eRecruit ATS

Manage all your pre-learning applicant pipelines, convert and import into Athena MIS for a seemless data journey

More management with ZERO cost!

We've brought even more value to your Athena MIS licence by creating our very own applicant tracking system and best of all it's included in ALL our licence options, meaning it's absolutely FREE!

Athena eRecruit is designed to help you monitor and track engagement with employers, candidates, vacancies and once successful convert from candidate to learner with import directly into Athena MIS.

Now we've waved good-bye to non-levy procurement the doors are wide open for you to grow your business and training provision, it's the perfect time to streamline your recruitment processes saving you time and money!

Growing your business doesn't mean you have to pay through the nose, check out some examples of our licence fees you can't afford not to!

There's no need to work harder, just smarter!

There's a lot of groundwork to cover before a candidate becomes a learner and how you organise employers, candidates and vacancies is complex and time consuming at best, especially if you're limited by using spreadsheets.

Implementing Athena eRecruit ATS will help you to manage applicants for all your provision and not just apprenticeships, by helping you to monitor and track engagement with employers, applicants, vacancies and once successful, convert from candidate to learner with import directly into Athena MIS.

Athena eRecruit ATS:

  • is fit for purpose
  • is fully integrated with Athena MIS
  • is available at no additional cost to you
  • saves time & money
  • track recruitment targets
  • real-time monitoring
  • streamlines processes.

Each learner type you have set up in Athena MIS is available in Athena eRecruit meaning every candidate is matched to a course, cohort and funding stream which is especially useful if you deliver ESFA funded training.

Athena eDocs expands your entire experience, you can re-create all of your paper-based application forms, skill scans, surveys and the like into digital documents, to view, complete and sign in our very own eDocs viewer. Athena eDocs is included in our Enterprise licence, get in touch for more details!

eRecruit Dashboard

Import into Athena MIS

Once a candidate is set in eRecruit as 'Converted' and becomes a learner you need to manage their data and monitor progress, so you'll need to import valid profiles into Athena MIS.

eRecruit Import

eRecruit Import

eRecruit Import