Introducing our Flagship Product, Athena MIS

the all-in-one management information system for independent training providers.


What is Athena?

Athena is an online management information system (MIS) that provides learner tracking, learner portfolio management and learning data management for independent training providers.

Who is Athena for?

Athena is a low-cost all-in-one MIS that helps independent training providers overcome compliance, evidence and data management challenges.

How do I know if Athena is for me?

Are you an independent training provider that…

  • Manages training data with paper or Excel spreadsheets?
  • Feels overwhelmed by compliance demands and deadlines?
  • Is at risk of a poor Ofsted inspection report due to the mismanagement of data?
  • Spends more time and resource on data management than you’d like?
  • Currently pays for multiple data systems, or a high price for a market leading MIS?

Then Athena is for you.

How is Athena different?

  • Our Standard 25 licence is 80% cheaper than the market leading MIS for independent training providers.

  • Cheaper doesn’t mean cheap though. Athena matches and, in some cases, outsmarts the key features of other management information systems. It’s simply just better value for money.

MIS home dashboard

How Athena Compares Against Market Leading Information Systems for Independent Training Providers

Other MI Systems

There are many MI systems on the market offering an exceptional array of tools and services though budget is the main issue when comparing systems, but do take some time to think about HOW you want you business to change.

Individual user licence fees.
Huge set up fees, some upwards of 10k or full payment upfront.
Additional fees for hosting & storage.
Additional fees required per contract / funding stream.
Additional fees required for internal and or commercial training.
Data management and ILR submission service on contract but only for large ITP's or local authorities.
Multi-year buy in with up front fees 1 or 2 years +
Additional fees for customer support @ 20% of each licence fee.
Some suppliers have a 12 week + lead time for system delivery AFTER receipt of full payment.
Fixed licence fee regardless being a supporting provider or having small number of learners.
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Athena MIS

Athena MIS is an extremely flexible, cost effective data management system which includes ePortfolio, IQA management, ILR creation and eLearning, our business wide licence makes sure all who need access, have accesss!

One small business wide licence fee.
Small set up fees - usually equivalent to 1 month subscription
No additional hosting fees - ePortfolio storage included in licence.
Inclusive of all ESFA funding streams / contracts.
Includes all lead, subcontracted and commercial training.
Low cost data validation & submission services any number of learners.
1 year licence with options for monthly or annual payments.
Licence fee inclusive of customer support.
Access within 24 hours of receiving set up fee, GoCardless setup & signed licence.
Entry level fee structure for supporting providers or small number of learners.
Licence fees

The Athena Key Features and Benefits

ILR Submission & Support Services

Our ILR support service is available on a continual monthly basis or a little hand holding for one or two months until everyone is up to speed.

We also offer a short-term ILR consultancy service for providers who may need support unpicking errors which have resulted in insufficient funding drawdown.


Athena Apprentice Gateway allows you to seamlessly connect and communicate with apprentices and employers.


Athena Classroom Manager enables you to create classroom attendance registers and report on attendance, cohorts, retention with minimal effort.


Athena Curriculum Manager enables you to build modules, tasks and assignments from eDocs for completion in Athena ePortfolio.


Athena ESFA Funding Reports allows you to import and interrogate ILR submission and Period End reports with ease.


Athena eLearning enables you to make your learning material digital with minimal effort.


Athena ePortfolio allows learners to submit evidence of their progression and apprentices to capture off the job training.


Athena Internal quality assurance (IQA) features enable the internal monitoring and management of learning delivery.


Athena eDocs reduce your carbon footprint by turning paper-based documents in to digital forms and work towards becomming a paperless office.


Athena external quality assurance (EQA) allows for remote monitoring of IQA's by your awarding organisations.


Athena eRecruit ATS track applicant pipelines including employability and apprenticeships, employer engagement and pre-enrolment processes.


Athena Reporting dashboard provides reports on the diversity and success of learners at the click of a button.


Athena Individulalised Learner Record (ILR) feature enables individual learner tracking and submission of progress reports for compliance purposes.

Compliance image

Compliance and Data Protection

We take great care of our data and as such follow the strict guidelines of Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME Governence amongst others.