Athena MIS - Management Information System for training providers.

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Welcome to Athena MIS, we've been waiting for you to visit!

There's even more pressure on small independant training providers than ever before, delivering training using digital technologies on moble devices is no longer a thing of the future!

We've been busy and have created Athena eLearning, the means for converting existing paper based training resources into digital content, to be completed online in Athena ePortfiolio, you can build these yourself or we can, the choice is yours!

No matter if you're a lead, subcontracting or commercial provider the overall costs of implementing online learning could really impact your bottom line, especially if you have a fragmented approach to online delivery.

Every business needs a return on their investment, we do, but not at the expense of pricing our all inclusive system out of reach of small training providers, so if you need an MI system with ePortfolio and online learning built in just drop us a line, we'll certainly beat any like for like price, that's for sure!

Choosing the right MI provider could dramatically change the way you run your business, afterall it's not all about the software but the relationships we build together.

 New Lead Provider


Starting Out?

If you're new to delivering as a lead provider there's so much to learn about QAR's, contracts and funding rules but one of the most crucial obligations of having a direct contract with the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) is the collection, management and submission of Individualised Learner Record (ILR) data.

No matter if you deliver to 1 or 1,000 learners you must submit ILR's by the scheduled deadline, validate against the published funding rules and monitor your FRM reports to keep on track with the rules.

The Provider Support Manual and funding rules documentation covers all the regulations specific to each type of learner from Advanced Learner Loans to Apprenticeships.

Having a monthly ILR validation routine is really important to keep on top of all the rules and regulations and choosing the right MI system at the start can save a whole world of problems as you grow your provision.

It's not all about the software, choosing the right provider matters just as much as all the bells and whistles a system can offer, especially knowing you can get support if you need it with:

  • ILR's
  • funding rules
  • compliance
  • Submissions.

We support our clients whenever they need it, whatever the problem, even if it's just to clarify a point, check reports or help with their data it's as easy as picking up the phone!

We're always checking on ESFA, Ofsted and sector news and updates which we send send out via email and post in our blog, for example we've got several ILR specific posts in Cleverblogs which you may want to check out.

Why not take a look at some of the benefits Athena MIS can bring to your business!

 Existing Lead Provider


Switching Up?

If you've been a lead provider for a while and for whatever reason have outgrown the ESFA's free Learner Entry tool (LET), then it's time to start shopping around for your ideal MI system and build your wish list of 'must haves' such as:

  • Business wide licence
  • ILR compliance
  • IQA management
  • EQA application
  • ePortfolio
  • Ofsted reporting
  • EDIMS reporting
  • QAR reporting

    While using the free LET have thought about how cost effective it is, rather than in terms of the limitations it puts on your business?

    The LET performs one simple task, to creating the ILR XML file, but what about all the other data related tasks you must perform on a daily basis? Spread sheets have their place but to sucessfully manage and report on all the data you accumulate, investing in an MI system is the way forward.

    ILR creation and validation is only a minute part of your contractual obligations. at Athena MIS offers AND on a business wide licence, check out the IQA, ePortfolio and Reporting pages for more indepth information!


    Need some help?

    We all need a little help at times but often don't know where to turn. Just pick up the phone or drop us an email for a confidential chat, we may be able to solve your query in a few minutes or at the very least point you in the right direction!