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Management Information System for Training Providers.

If you're new to delivering as a lead provider or considering taking the leap from using the ESFA's Learner Entry tool, then you've come to the right place!

Searching for the right Management Information (MI) system for your business can be stressful, time consuming and costly especially if you don't make a fully informed decision.

Using an MI system is an investment in your business and shouldn't be considered as being just another way of creating ILR's! Not only that but choosing the right MI provider could dramatically change the way you run your business too, after all it's not all about the software but the support you know is there if you need it.

Our support extends far beyond the simple mechanics of the software, we're here to give as much support as you need or even just a little hand holding until you get up to speed.

We DON'T believe in charging for additional user accounts but DO believe the benefits Athena MIS brings should be accessible business wide, with you controlling the role based user accounts and not us!

An MI system which provides a business wide approach to data management empowers you to make the changes you need for all staff to be on board with stategy, policy, procedure and compliance while promoting growth, quality and buisness transparency.

Take a look at how Athena MIS compares with other systems and switch the focus from investing in 'just' a software application to an investment in YOUR business!

Check out the table below for a quick comparison between the Learner Entry tool and Athena MIS.


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If you're new to delivering ESFA funded training and feel a little lost in the minefield of acronyms, rules and regulations why not check out our glossary page, it's a great place to start!

Tool Comparison


Learner Entry Tool

The Learner Entry tool maybe free of charge but have you considered the actual cost to your business?
How much time is taken on data input and lengthy efforts trying to validate against the funding rules and specifications?
Only purpose  is to generate the individualised learner records (ILR) XML file for submission to ESFA.
No validation – manual check against documentation.
No more than 500 learner records are supported.
No error catching.
Only one file at a time can be imported. Importing another file will overwrite existing data.
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Athena MIS

Imagine if all the time and effort spent on data input could be used for tracking progression of delivery, complance and ILR creation!
ALL your staff who need access have access, simultaneously, working across your business and not just to create an ILR!
Data used to create ILR's, track ALL learner's progression, evidence & statistics for ESFA, Ofsted, stakeholders, staff and business owners.
Software validates user data on ILR Dashboard.
Unlimited learner records, ILR creation & export across all funding streams.
Error free - learners with errors witheld from the ILR until issues are resolved.
Switch between funding years on ILR Dashboard for year specific data and use export wizard to show in year and carryover learners.
PC & Mac compatible.
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