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Apprenticeship Reform Update - What Every Subcontractor Should Know

Apprenticeship Reform Update - What Every Subcontractor Should Know

It's such an exciting, but frustrating time!

There are so many opportunities especially with the ability to expand your business and become an End Point Assessment Organisation, but information is sadly lacking and very much delayed.

Changes for Subcontractors

So far I haven't managed to get access to the DAS or had any response from the SFA to confirm if subcontractors will be available in the DAS or not.

I've since discovered that there will be a NEW Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers, opening for applications in the autumn.

As soon as I find out the location for this I will pass on the link.

The criteria for gaining this approval is currently been developed and may have significant importance for subcontractors.

"The Skills Funding Agency is working with employers and providers to identify what precise standards and measures are important to them in selecting an apprenticeship training provider. All training providers will need to show that they meet or exceed these criteria to join the register of approved training providers and receive digital payments or government funding to deliver apprenticeship training."
SFA - Apprenticeship levy: how it will work

Under the new apprenticeship reforms subcontractors CAN contract directly with employers. Realistically we won't know for sure how this will work until the approval criteria is available, however this is being seen as somewhat of a threat by some lead providers.

Maybe this is a double edged sword? It will open up new business opportunities but will also have a major impact on your admin due to monthly ILR submissions. (see diagrams below.)

There could be some big changes ahead for subcontractors especially with managing data. My next email will be looking at ILR's and how much work is involved in submitting these monthly returns.

Apprenticeship Levy & Non Levy Contracting Models

There are two different processes involved in the selection and delivery of apprenticeships but either way employers will use the DAS to search and select an approved training provider and end point assessment organisation.

Non Levy Paying Employers


Non Levy Process


Levy Paying Employers


Levy Paying Employer Process


What's The Plan?

The following should take place according to plan, but there is always the possibility for change.

Time Scale


There have been significant delays in accessing information and they are not expected to be released until late August or early September

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