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First RoATP is Announced!!

First RoATP is Announced!!

Congratulations to all those who made it!

It's been a long time since the deadline closed for the first RoATP and the pressure has been building to pressure cooker proportions!


The first round of applications has now been released, with 1,708 out of 2,327 organisations making it to the first opening of the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers.

1,753 providers applied to the main route with only 1,310 applying to deliver to non levy paying employers, so that's 25% who don't want to deliver to SME's!

The SFA haven't announced if the release date for round two will be before the May start for new apprenticeships.

If you are considering applying to the RoATP or re-apply you will need submit your expression of interest on the BravoSolution portal.

Get Planning!

Are you now a lead provider?

In seven weeks time the new apprenticeship reform will become a reality with more than 1000 lead providers on the RoATP ready to deliver top quality training.

Exciting times indeed!

If you are now in scope for Ofsted inspections you will need to know what's in store.

"Where a provider comes into the scope of Ofsted inspection, for example when a provider gains a new contract with, or grant from, the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) and/or the Education Funding Agency (EFA), it will normally be inspected within three years of the start of the contract or grant."

Ofsted Inspection Myths

Further education and skills inspection handbook for use from September 2016

This is obviously of vital importance as any training provider receiving a grade 4 will be removed from the RoATP.


After the 1st May opening for new apprenticeships the first deadline for new lead providers is May 5th.

This is when your first ILR is due for submission to the Hub and then every month after!

You may think 8 weeks is a long way off but if you're planning on using the SFA's free Learner Entry Tool you had better crack on and read up on the ILR documentation.


1. ILR learner entry 2016 to 2017 user guide

2. ILR specification 2016 to 2017: version 3

3. ILR specification 2016 to 2017 appendix A, data collection timetable: version 3

4. Provider support manual - guide to making ILR data returns during the 2016 to 2017 funding year: version 3

5. Guidance for returning apprenticeships on the ILR from 1 May 2017: version 2

6. ILR specification appendices 2016 to 2017.



ILR Learner Entry Tool:
ILR Entry application for 2016 - 2017 or  The Hub to select other funding years.

Rule Violation Spreadsheet:
ILR Validation Rules 2016 - 17 spreadsheet.

The FIS:
FIS software application.


Data Management

We have a profound interest in the apprenticeship reform as this is having a huge impact on our business too.

We also have SFA compliance obligations as our data management system has to conform to the SFA's ILR Specification documents and any changes and updates have to be included for Athena MIS to stay compliant.

Our focus is on helping small training providers, new to a lead role, become data management gurus!

To be honest it's so exciting knowing that we can provide the tools for you to take control of your data management without breaking the bank!

Our SaaS licence fee start from as little as £450 per month (after a £900 deposit) and that's it, well unless you choose one of our data management services.

No hosting charges!
No hardware to buy!
No additional licence fees!


ILR Validation and Submission Service

For just £5.00* per learner per ILR submission!

This means that:

1. You input your learner data.

2. We analyse it and tell you what data is missing.

3. We validate your learners through the Funding Information System (FIS).

4. We upload your error free ILR to the Hub.

5. We take the ILR stress away from you!

* fixed fee of £150.00 if less than 30 learners.





Complete Data Management Service

For 5% of your total contract value we will:

1. Input all of your learner data.

2. Analyse it and tell you what data is missing.

3. validate your learners through the Funding Information System (FIS).

4. upload your error free ILR to the Hub.






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