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Redesigned - Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers to Open December 2018!

Redesigned - Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers to Open December 2018!

IMPORTANT News for Subcontractors - RoATP will re-open in December!

 RoATP Tougher to get in!

The ESFA have announced new details today of the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers redesign which means the RoATP is to re-open!

The RoATP will be a tougher prospect for those wanting to become a lead provider and will also be a huge change for the many subcontractors who deliver less than 100K of apprenticeship delivery.

The new rules are highlighted in FE Week's article - ESFA scraps £100k threshold, forcing all subcontractors onto the apprenticeships register.

Points to Note:

1. Providers must prove they have actively traded for 12 months.

2. 100K limit removed - All subcontractors to be registered by August 2019.

3. Skilled and able to deliver quality apprenticeship training.

4. RoATP opens 12th December 2018.

5. Is open all year round


7. Only 2 applications permitted per year.

8. Possible provider earnings limits being considered.

9. All providers presently on the RoATP will have to go through the new process!!

10. The ESFA will invite providers to re-apply in phases during 2019.

“Our new RoATP application process ensures that only those that can stand up to our tough quality assurance entry requirements can access government funds to deliver apprenticeship training. We are also being tougher on subcontractors entering the market, to ensure a focus on quality training and mitigate risk to government funds.”

 Watch this space for further updates!






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