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How to Fight The Change Barrier

How to Fight The Change Barrier

 Is the thought of change too much trouble?

Change is the biggest barrier stopping us from achieving a greater level of efficiency, organisation and lets face it a less stressful work environment.

Most of us are challenged every day by the same old issues, what ever they maybe for you, but do we do anything about it?

We put problems in the way to stop us facing a mammoth change, because our current way of working maybe flawed but it's somehow a safe place.

Now we create software for training providers to manage their learner data, which is great, but I thought what all about my data rattling around.

I just wasn’t efficient so I looked around at available (cheap) CRM’s and was a bit disappointed to say the least.

I figured if I was going to take the plunge and make that HUGE change to my working life I wanted simplicity at the very least.

After trying several systems I decided that making the change was too much of a barrier so I would stick with my own ways, even if a tad disorganised.

Well, this was until one of our clients came to us with the very same problem. So I wasn't alone, what a shock that was!

They had tried a few systems but each had too many unwanted features, lack of flexibility and little customer support hit the list.

We had a short discussion and made the instant decision to build our own, which our clients love and I use it daily too.

Making the decision to CHANGE was really difficult, but to be honest admitting I was disorganised was even harder! 

Take a step back and a long hard look at your particular problem, then the hardest part, do something about it!


1. You are not alone!

2. Your business deserves the best, that's why you are passionate about what you do

3. Don't stay stuck talking about change, take action!


If you are thinking about moving from spreadsheets to a Management information System or CRM, and are stuck at the change barrier, then drop me an email with your issues, questions or concerns and let's see how I can help.

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Written by : Super User