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Challenges Ahead for Subcontractors

Challenges Ahead for Subcontractors

The most significant changes in the reform will have a huge impact on subcontractors.

Not only from next April, but they could also be faced with a substantial financial outlay in the lead up to being accepted on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP).

It's a waiting game at the moment, we don't know what the actual requirements will be for RoATP approval, until the rules published and the RoATP opens in October. At that point you will have to be ready to apply or wait until the next round. 

Hopefully you will have submitted your expression of interest to become an End Point Assessment organisation and completed the consultation surveys on the proposals for Apprenticeship Funding and the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers, as these are now closed.

All I know is it doesn't leave much time for future planning so as a recap I've put together my top ten list of reform changes, many of which could be in place in just over a month!

Top Ten Reform Changes

  1. To deliver apprenticeships from April 2017 you MUST be approved and be on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP).

  2. The RoATP will be open for applications just 3 times a year.

  3. There is no direct transfer from the RoTO to RoATP, all must apply.

  4. Applicants must pass all three tests to be included on RoATP:

           Due Diligence.
           Financial Health.
           Quality, Capacity and Capability.

  5. There are new opportunities to become an End Point Assessment Organisation.

  6. If accepted on RoATP you will be responsible for monthly ILR data submissions.

  7. You can still deliver subcontracted provision, if you are on the RoTO or not, this will be available for Adult Education Budget and Advanced Learner Loans
        only and NOT Apprenticeships.

  8. Uplift payments will no longer be available.

  9. Framework funding will change to be in line with the Standards upper limits.

  10. Subcontractors will not appear in the DAS.

The apprenticeship reform is having an impact on our applications too! We're not waiting for the final publication of the rules, but going full steam ahead to make sure Athena MIS & RAIL will automatically generate ILR's ready for import into the Hub.

What's Next?

We know from the RoATP proposal document that when you apply to the register you will have to answer questions about what data management arrangements you have in place.

What we don't know is if it's an actual requirement to have an MI system in place at the time of application.

Questions to Think About...

1.    Do you take the plunge and get an MI system in place ready to apply to the RoATP?
2.    How long will it take to have an MI in place and ready to use?
3.    Can you use your chosen MI system for all your training provision?
4.    What happens if you don't get  RoATP approval?

Worse Case Scenario...

After quite a financial outlay you could be tied into a system, for however many years, for a service you are not allowed to deliver!


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