Athena eLearning

enables you to make your learning material digital with minimal effort.

Proving Your Capability to Deliver Online Training!

Having the ability to deliver blended learning is very much a necessity, especially coming out of our third Covid 19 lockdown and in light of the latest ESFA's AEB procurement.  "Providers will need to be demonstrate a track record and ability to deliver online." FE Week

We've released phase one of our eLearning suite of tools with the aim to support training providers with the transition to a blended learning approach to deliver training, upskilling existing staff and to make the change as inexpensive as possible.

Using our tools to convert your existing learning resources into workbooks to be completed online via Athena ePortfolio and tracked, IQA'd within Athena MIS puts an end to having a fragmented approach to online learning, completely resolving the need for multiple systems for you to seemlessly deliver your learning from ALL of your awarding organisations.

Using one system for your data management, ePortfiolio, IQA and online workbooks will improve on efficiency, productivity and most of all save you lots of time and money!

Workbook Access in Athena ePortfolio

When working remotely did you find that many learners didn't have the software needed to access the documents you supplied? Did you suffer delays and couldn't monitor progress?

Our solution is to recreate your paperbased workbooks into digital versions by using our simple to use Athena eDocs software and to be completed online in Athena ePortfolio. The choice is yours, create them yourself using our easy to use software or we can build, publish and assign them for you.

There's no limit to the number of workbooks, courses or training materials you can build and deliver through Athena ePortfolio.


View the video full screen to see the workbook in detail.

Easy eLerning Creation!

The Athena eDocs desktop application is available in our Enterprise licence options. This easy to use application will help you to build onlinelearning to reach all your learners AND streamline your business processes too!

The functionality in this first version includes:

  • Multi page workbooks
  • Template pages
  • Publish to Athena MIS - monitoring, IQA etc.
  • Learner complation in Athena ePortfolio.

Future releases will include:

  • Export to PDF
  • Surveys & Quizes


Workbooks include the following  elements:


  • Images
  • YouTube video links
  • Audio files
  • Paragraph text
  • Resonse text fields
  • Digital signatures.