What do I get for my licence fee?

Athena MIS provides a wholistic solution for your company, that's everyone from director, business manager, compliance manager, assessor, IQA, admin staff... meaning everyone who needs access has access!

The bottom line is that you have the control to create unlimited user accounts across various roles without the expence of multiple licence fees!

More than that you can choose to get all the support you need to traverse the mine field of ILR and funding rule compliance!

Athena MIS is available on a 1 year renewable Software as a Service licence agreement and it's your choice to either pay up front for your annual subscription or by monthly standing order.

Athena MIS can be used if you deliver single or multiple contract types, to track your lead and subcontracted provision as well as any internal and commercial training yoy may deliver!

We tailor your licence to include any additional services such as support with ILR, PDSAT and FRM reports and to access all or just some of the features Athena MIS has to offer which include; learner tracking, ILR creation AND ePortfolio, IQA management tools and CPD tracking.

For further details of the 'one off' and regular services we offer click on the adjacent thumbnail to download our Licence Options & Additional Services document.

Check out the table below for examples of Athena MIS licence types and fees, but please bear in mind that we're flexible, so why not get in touch for a confidential chat to see how we can support your transition to Athena MIS, it may well be as simple as initially setting smaller monthly payments until your cohort numbers and chashflow increase.



Fees and Services

Licence Type & Fees

The licence types are grouped by level of functionality and fees charged by number of expected learner records per annum. REMEMBER, the licence fee covers ALL your contract types with business wide access and NOT licenced on a per user basis, however, fees will increase in line with the learner record count.
You can use these links or the buttons below to build an estimate, get access to the demo site,  check out our additional services or get in touch for a chat!


Annual SaaS licence agreement based on maximum number of required learner records.
Athena MIS App10*
Athena MIS 250
Athena MIS 500
Athena MIS 1000
Athena MIS Unlimited


Data management, learner journey progression tracking and ILR creation. Ideal for subcontractors!
£2,400 pa (£200.00 pm)
£3,600 pa (£300.00 pm)
£5,400 pa (£450.00 pm)
£9,000 pa (£750.00 pm)
£12,600 pa (£1,050.00 pm)
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Everything in Standard PLUS ePortfolio, IQA management tools & CPD tracking including 20gb storage.
£2,700 pa (£225.00 pm)
£4,800 pa (£400.00 pm)
£6,600 pa (£550.00 pm)
£11,400 pa (£950.00 pm)
£15,000 pa (£1,250.00 pm) 
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Everything in Standard and Premium PLUS personal support with ILR vaidation, PDSAT & FRM reports.
£3,600 pa (£300.00 pm)
£6,800 pa (£550.00 pm)
£9,000 pa (£750.00 pm)
£15,000 pa (£1,250.00 pm)
£18,000 pa (£1,500.00 pm) 

*This is an initial licence fee for training providers new to apprenticeship deivery. If you only ever have 10 apprenices a year then your licence fee will stay at this level, once you have more than 10 apprentices the licence fee will increase.