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Yes, Athena MIS is ILR compliant and yes, it's packed with tools for internal tracking and progression of a learner journey, as well as the all important ILR creation as standard.

BUT we've taken a different approach and provide our licence for the whole company and not on an individual user basis, simply because it's hard enough making business changes without making some of your staff feel like they're being left out!

We know that not all training providers have a dedicated or an experienced data manager(s), especially if delivering a direct contract for the first time.

This is why we've made Athena MIS as user friendly as possible with as much validation built in to support your admin staff, who could potentially be thrown into the environment of ILR compliance for the very first time too.

You may well have multiple contracts or just one, it doesn't matter in the scheme of things but compliance does and if you don't get it right you don't get paid, may trigger funding audits, upset Ofsted and that my friends can be catastrophic!

It certainly doesn't have to be that way if you have the support you need, when you need it. If we don't have an immediate answer we can certainly point you in the right direction or find out on your behalf.

Yes, we've built a cracking piece of software to help streamline your buisness processes, save you time and money but the very best bit is knowing exactly who you can turn to in confidence to get those questions answered AND in super quick time!

Check out the table below for a comparison between Athena MIS and other MI systems on the market.

MI Comparison Table

Imagine a world where you and your staff are empowered with the motivation to work together for the sustainability and longevity of your business. A place where all the time and effort spent on managing data is achieveable for all who need it and not a single member of staff is 'left out' because of financial constraints!

Other MI Systems

There are many MI systems on the market offering an exceptional array of tools and services, all at a cost. Budget is mainly the issue when comparing systems but is it worth having a market leading system if your finances will only stretch to a chosen few having access?
Individual user licence fees.
Additional fees starting at £2,500 per annum for hosting.
Additional fees starting at £2,000 per annum for archiving.
Additional fees required per contract / funding stream.
Additional fees required for internal and or commercial training.
Some offer this service on contract but mainly for local authorities only.
Up front fees 1 or 2 years.
Minimum contract term 2 years+.
Additional fees for customer support @ 20% of each licence fee.
12 week + lead time for delivery.
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Athena MIS

Athena MIS is an extremely flexible, cost effective data management system with all inclusive ePortfolio, IQA management and ILR creation on a business wide licence. Take some time to think about HOW you want you business to change and what it would take to make it happen!
One small business wide licence fee.
No additional hosting fees. Inclusive of 20gb ePortfolio storage as standard.
No additional archival fees.
Inclusive of all ESFA funding streams / contracts.
Inclusive of all training provision eg: lead, subcontracted and commercial.
Low cost data validation & submission services for any number of learners.
Monthly or annual payment options.
1 Year SaaS licence including 1 month cancellation notice.
Licence fee inclusive of customer support.
Software available within hours of receiving setup payment & signed licence.
PC & Mac compatible.
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Individualised Learner Record (ILR) Compliant Systems

All ILR compliant MI systems provide a standard set of core features and requirements to conform to the ESFA'S ILR specification documentation.

Being ILR compliant means that an MI system can create the exact document format for you to submit your ILR returns to the Hub, but with regards to functionality not all MI systems are the same.

Deciding on the MI system to best suite your business will depend entirely on your needs, budget and future requirements. If you're starting small make sure you're able to add in additional functionality without breaking the bank and don't be afraid to ask plenty of questions, after all it's a huge investment to make so find out if you're being tied into a lengthy contract and if you can cancel if it doesn't work out! 

Getting to grips with your data management will boost your confidence when it comes to Ofsted inspections as well as in the growth of your provision, as they say, knowledge is power!

Contractual Obligations

One of the most crucial obligations of having a direct contract with the Education and Skills Funding Agency is the collection, management and submission of Individualised Learner Record (ILR) data.

No matter if you deliver to 1 or 1,000 learners you must; submit ILR's by the scheduled deadline, validate against the published funding rules and monitor your FRM reports to keep on track with the rules.

The Provider Support Manual and funding rules documentation covers additional regulations specific to each type of learner from Advanced Learner Loans to Apprenticeships.

As members of ESFA'S software writers group we meet regularly to discuss updates, changes and future developments with regard to all ILR related issues.

The best way to sample the power and versitility of Athena MIS is to access our fully functional demonstration site. Check out our You Tube channel too, it has lots of 'How to..' videos to sample.


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