Athena MIS

Athena MIS is an ILR compliant management system for training providers to manage their learner data. It's packed with tools for internal tracking and progression of a learner journey as well as the all important ILR creation as standard.

We've taken a holistic approach with regards to Athena MIS and provide our licence for the whole company and not on an individual user basis!

We acknowledge that not all training providers have a dedicated data manager(s), especially if facing a direct contract for the first time.

This is why we've made Athena MIS as user friendly as possible with as much validation built in to support your admin staff who will be thrown into the environment of ILR compliance.

You may well have multiple contracts or just one, it doesn't matter in the scheme of things but compliance does!

Getting to grips with your data management will boost your confidence when it comes to your Ofsted inspections and the growth of your provision, as they say, knowledge is power!

We are dedicated to providing a personal service with as much or little support as you need!

Displayed below is a small sample of the power and versitility of Athena MIS. We have a fully functional demonstration site for you to access and our You Tube channel has many more 'How to..' videos to peruse.

ILR Compliant MI Systems

All ILR compliant MI systems provide a standard set of core features and requirements to conform to the ESFA'S ILR specification documentation.

Each MI system can create the exact document format for you to submit your ILR returns to the Hub.

The decision as to which MI system best suites your company will depend entirely on your company's needs, budget and future requirements.

Contractual Obligations

One of the most crucial obligations of having a direct contract with the Education and Skills Funding Agency is the collection, management and submission of Individualised Learner Record (ILR) data.

No matter if you deliver to 1 or 1,000 learners you must; submit ILR's by the scheduled deadline, validate against the published funding rules and monitor your BIRST reports available from the Hub.

The ILR specification documents set out the technical requirements of ILR returns, with the Provider Support Manual and funding rules documentation covering additional regulations specific to each type of learner from Advanced Learner Loans to Apprenticeships.

Athena MIS provides ILR compliance as specified in the ILR specification documents and through continual support via the ESFA'S software writers group which meets regularly to discuss updates, changes and future developments with regard to all data management related issues.

Integrated ePortfolio

Our newly launched ePortfolio is a valuable addition to Athena MIS, available via phased releases with phases 1 & 2 available now and phase 3 coming soon!

Our ePortfolio is fully intergrated within Athena MIS's learner profiles, linking evidence to units and reviews, providing seemless integration of data management and evidence!

As an Athena MIS client you will have the option to add the ePortfolio to your Athena MIS subscription, to keep all of your data management and evidence storage in one place.

Check out our ePortfolio page for our current offer, further details and 'How to..' videos.

Why not check out our In Development page for current and future projects including our GDPR project!

ILR Creation and Validation

Athena MIS displays which fields are required for the ILR throughout the entire learner profile which updates the ILR Dashboard in realtime.

The new ILR Dashboard displays all learners and gives an overall view of the 'health' of each individuals' ILR.

We don't stop there! Errors and warnings are shown with a location in Athena and an explanation of what you need to do to fix it!

The ILR Dashboard displays your learners along with a list of the missing mandatory elements needed for a successful ILR return.

In fact our ILR Wizard won't allow invalid / incomplete learners into your ILR making for a painless and efficient way to create your monthly ILR returns to The Hub.

The key as always to to make sure your learner data is kept up to date and a part of your daily administration routine.

 Athena MIS - How to Create and Export an ILR XML File

Progression Reports

Every training provider be they lead or subcontractor needs to monitor learner progression and contact.

Athena MIS & RAIL has a dashboard specifically for learner and review / contact progression.

As each element is modified or completed the progression tracker automatically displays the percent of completed and elements in progress.

This report is perfect for sending to lead providers and for Ofsted inspections as it's easily exported to a spreadsheet.

Check out our In Development page for details of new additions to Athena MIS including the Athena Assessor Tablet.

Just think how much time can be saved as realtime updates can be made while visiting with a learner!

 Athena MIS - How to Create Progression Reports

IQA Management Tools

Athena MIS doesn't just manage your learner data, you can now manage your internal quality assurance too!

Phase one Beta is now available with the following tools:

• Assessor Risk Assessment

• IQA Sample Plan

• Learner Sampling.

ePortfolio and Message Centre integration too!

Why not give it a try?

Ask for login details to our fully functional demonstration site!

 Athena MIS - How to IQA Using Learner Sampling

Ofsted Data & Statistics Reports

We believe that all the reports you need should be accessible by as little effort as possible!

Athena MIS now has some great additions including our Ofsted data Dashboard.

The data you input into Athena MIS is used in 'real time' to display the Ofsted inspection requirements, so all you have to do is filter by learner type and date!

Switch tabs to display the data for;

• Course Performance.

• Subject Area and Level.

• Learner Demographics.

You can even automatically create and download the reports to a spreadsheet by the click of a button!

User Accounts

Athena MIS has different types of user accounts. You create and control them. Your staff have different roles and so does Athena.  You can even impress your main providers by creating them a read only Contract Manager account.

• Data Input

• Super User

• Assessor

• Administrator


• Contract Manager

It doesn’t matter how many accounts you make it’s all included in the licence fee.

Learner / Contract Types

Unlike most other MI systems all learner / contract types are included in the licence fee, this means that as we don't charge for each additional contract type so you can manage all the ESFA contracts you have, as well as any subcontracted provision you may deliver, from as little as £450.00 +VAT per month!

Athena MIS manages all of your learner provision including;

• Apprenticeships

• Adult Skills

• Traineeships

• Skills Support for The Workforce

• Work Place Learning / Advanced Learner Loan

• Skills Support for The Workforce

• Work Based Learning

• Skills Support for Redundancy

You will have your own secure database just for you and your staff. It’s protected by SSL and is as strong as the encryption you have for your online banking. And all your staff can use it at the same time!

Are the management systems you currently have in place really good enough? Do they offer all the benefits Athena MIS does?