It's more than just for Learners!

Opting to include our integrated ePortfolio brings a whole other level of benefits for your business to streamline the ever growing list of administrative processes.

The learner ePortfiolio is available within each learner profile, from adult skills to apprenticeships and is created by a single click! It's a simple all inclusive process for storing evidence and mapping to learning outcomes, units, reviews, visits and off the job training!

Use the IQA management tools to risk assess assessors, create sample plans and use the IQA Dashboard to fulfill quality assurance duties including; progress maping, IQA reports and action tracking.

All users (staff) have an ePortfolio of sorts too, 'My Profile' includes storage for policy documentation, digital signatures for evidence sign off, tracking CPD evidence and IQA actions!

Using one system for your data management, ePortfiolio and IQA will improve on efficiency, productivity and most of all save you lots of time and money!

The final phase of ePortfolio development includes the learner and employer dashboards which are expected to be completed later in the year.

Want a test drive? Get in touch for access to our fully functional demonstration site!

How Much Does ePortfolio Cost?

ePortfolio is only available as an integrated but optional addition to Athena MIS and as such we've created our fee structure based on the number of learner records along with business needs.

We offer three different licence types; Standard (without ePortfolio), Premium and Enterprise as shown on the Athena MIS Pricing  page.

We know just how difficult it can be when starting to deliver as a lead for the first time, not having a large number of learners but still having to satisfy all the compliance associated with funded delivery.

Don't worry, we're here to help!


Don't worry, we can help!


So, you really REALLY want an MI system with all the bells and whistles but think it's financially out of reach? Well, it's time to think again! Get in touch for a chat, we don't bite!