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Athena MIS Hybrid Released!

As part of our GDPR Compliance Project we have realeased our Hybrid Clould version of Athena MIS & RAIL which allows the flexibility of cloud storage with a desktop interface!

This will soon completely replace the browser version therefore eliminating and browser based security threats.

Athena ePortfolio

Phase 1 and 2 of Athena ePortfolio is now available!

Our ePortfolio is fully incorporated in Athena MIS's learner profiles, linking evidence to unit outcomes and delivery monitoring visits, providing seemless integration of data management and evidence!

As an Athena MIS client you will have the option to add the ePortfolio to your Athena MIS subscription, to keep all of your data management and evidence storage in one place.

In Phase 2 we've created IQA Management tools which include:

  • Assessor Risk Assessment
  • IQA Sample Plan
  • Learner Sampling

as well as a new internal message dashboard!

We are currently working on phase 3 of our ePortfolio which includes access for learners to upload their own evidence and communicate with their tutor / assessor.

Check out or ePortfolio page for further information and 'How to..' videos!

Professional Profile

In an ever increasing need for monitoring staff development and quality of teaching and learning we're introducing the Professional Profile Dashboard!

This dashboard also includes an integradted individual ePortfolio for ALL staff members (Users) to record and evidence their structured / active learning, reflective and self-directed CPD.

Keep track of CPD ahead of your Ofsted inspection!


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