If you're new to delivering funded training you'll need to become familiar with a whole host of acronyms, here's my list so far:


AEB - Adult Education Budget
ALL - Advanced Learner Loan
DfE - Department for Education
EDIMs - Equality and Diversity Impact Measures
EPAOs - End Pont Assessment Organisations
ESFA - Education and Skills Funding Agency
EQA - External Quality Assurance
Feconnect - Feconnect is an online forum,administered by the ESFA, where you can talk to colleagues about funding and data issues and help each other to resolve queries.
FIS - Funding Information System - "is a desktop service application element of the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s data collections system which can be used by data providers to: validate Individualised Learner Record (ILR) data, calculate funding and derived variables, create a range of reports based on a set of ILR data."

Funding rules monitoring reports

IdAMS Identity Management Services system
ILR - Individualised Learner Records
IQA  -  
LET Learner Entry Tool
LRS - Learning Records Service
MIS - Management Information System
PLR - Personal learning record
QAR Qualification Achievement Rate
RoATP - Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers, check out the Cleverblogs posts under the RoATP tag.
SLC - Student Loans Company
SLP - Student Loans Portal
ULN - Unique Learner Number
XML -  




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