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Monday, 15 August 2016 11:10

Proposals Published for a Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers Featured

Written by Lynn
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There are some huge changes planned and you are invited to have your say!

On Friday 12th August the proposal for a NEW Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers was published. (RoATP)

The SFA have launched a survey so you can have a chance to comment on the proposals yourself, but the survey closes on 5th September 2016.

Below are the points I find the most interesting and of course this is just my 'in a nut shell' review of the document. It's certainly interesting reading... Exciting times ahead!


Changes to Subcontractor Role

In the most simplistic terms, due to employers soon being able to select providers directly from the RoATP and have a direct contractual relationship with them, the current model of 'lead provider' and 'subcontractor' is somewhat redundant.

As from May 2017 the term 'subcontractor' will be used for those training providers who supply significantly less than half of the apprenticeship training or are brought in to supplement training because they have the required expertise that the lead provider does not have.


Why You Need to Apply

If you want to deliver apprenticeships to any employer from May 2017 YOU MUST apply to join the RoATP.

The RoATP is separate from the RoTO. The RoTO will continue to operate Adult Education Budget & Advanced Learner Loans.

Even if you are delivering apprenticeships and are on the RoTO you will have to apply to the RoATP, as there will be no transfer from RoTO to RoATP.


Proposed Application Ineligibility

Management agents and any provider who has had an Ofsted inspection grade of 4 (for apprenticeship delivery) in the last 3 years should NOT be eligible to apply.

If a grade of 4 was given overall but a grade of 3 was given for apprenticeship delivery, they will be eligible.
"In the future system,we want all employers to have a direct relationship with their training provider(s),giving them maximum control to ensure value for money and quality of provision.

We therefore propose that managing agents, intermediary bodies, consortium leads, brokerage organisations or any other similar entity that does not itself deliver education and training to apprentices, should not be eligible to apply to the RoATP."

P5 of Proposals for a Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers


Application Process

There are three proposed routes to apply to the RoATP.

Main Route:

  • To be eligible for selection by levied employers.
  • To participate in the SFA procurement for delivery to non-levied employers.
  • Have the capacity and capability to deliver all or majority of the frameworks and standards they provide.
  • To deliver parts of frameworks and standards with a subcontracting arrangement for another provider on the main register.

Supporting Route:

  • The SFA are asking for views, via the survey, on the value of setting up separate route for those providers who only with to supply part of the training.

Employer - Provider Route:

  • This would be for levied employers who want to deliver staff training. They would have to meet the same criteria and would only be able to train their own staff and not be eligible for SFA procurement.


Application Tests

To be an approved provider you must be able to prove capability to deliver high quality apprenticeships, as well as fitness and ability to receive public funding.

The intended questions will be divided into three tests:

  1. Due Diligence.
  2. Financial Health.
  3. Quality, Capacity & Capability.

All three tests must be passed to be accepted onto the RoATP.

The due diligence and financial health will be similar to those used currently by the RoTO but a higher standard of quality, capacity and capability tests will be devised.

It's proposed that applicants will be asked to provide information such as:

  • Training delivery model including recruitment, off-the job training and on-programme assessment.
  • Internal management and delivery arrangements,including staff CPD.
  • knowledge, skills and experience of working with employers of differing sizes.
  • Prior experience and expertise of leaders and staff.
  • MI and data management arrangements, including data security.
  • Arrangements for safeguarding apprentices and learner support.

P12 of Proposals for a Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers


When to Apply?

It is proposed that the RoATP will be open for applications in October 2016.

There will also be the opportunity to apply to deliver to non-levied employers at this time as well.

There will be a time limit on this session, and then its proposed the RoATP will be open every three months, for a month at a time.

The SFA will publish an up to date list of approved providers along with which route they applied through.

Each provider must re-apply every year to stay on the register.


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