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Monday, 31 July 2017 16:38

ITT Non-Levy Procurement Opens! Featured

Written by Lynn
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Non- Levy Procurement Competition Opens!

The ESFA has just announced that the  ITT is now open for applications, so login to the Bravo Solutions portal and get cracking!

If you have been accepted on the RoATP as a main provider then you are eligible to apply.

If you applied the first time you will find that the questions and requirements are different.

Critical Differences

There are a number of critical differences between the new procurement and the old one, including:

  • New tender value caps and contract award limits to ensure greater confidence that awards are set at realistic levels.
  • Awards in line with current levels of geographical delivery in the 9 English regions.
  • Improved scoring criteria and evaluation methodology.
  • The ability to grow above award values in year, subject to a number of conditions.

This will be a highly competitive exercise, which will attract interest from a wide range of training providers.

Key Features Part One

Areas to be tested:

  • Readiness to deliver.
  • Delivery planning.
  • Meeting employer and apprentice needs.
  • Management reporting and quality assurance.
  • Outcomes and impact.

 Key Features Part Two

  • The scoring criteria has changed see the ITT.
  • New tender value thresholds.

Key Features Part Three

  • ESFA will maintain the current levels of geographical delivery.
  • Organisations will submit a single bid and specify funding needed out of each regional funding pot.
  • Performance management in place to allow providers to grow above award values in year if delivering inline with their tender. 
  • See performance management rules in the ITT.


New Funding Allocation

The funding allocations from this non-levy procurement
will be allocated in December 2017 and will run from:

1st January 2018 to April 2019 


Watch the video for more information!


RoATP Remains Closed!

Until the ITT application window is completed the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers will remain closed to new applicants.

This procurement is open until the beginning of September and with luck the next round of the RoATP will open soon after.

What's the Impact?

You are NOT eligible to apply for this non-levy procurement unless you've been accepted on the RoATP as a main provider.

So this means that you won't be able to secure a contract to deliver non-levy apprenticeship training until after April 2019 as long as you make it as a main provider on RoATP.

There is no information regarding the opening frequency of the non-levy procurement, but as soon as I hear anything I will let you know.



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