QAR Import and Reconcilliation

Feedback from our clients has shown that navigating the mine field of Qualification Achievement Rates causes great frustration and stress, so in a bid to offer further support we have released phase 1 of our QAR Reporting Dashboard!

Yes, the in year QAR data is available in the View Your Education Data portal but the difficuly lies in reconcilling the information in the QAR against the data you're working with and submitting in your ILR.

You will be able to import your ESFA published QAR's into Athena MIS and be able to reconncile and compare learners who are included, excluded or simply missing from the QAR data so you can fix any issues prior to the next submission.

The QAR dashboard also gives you indepth real-time data reporting on your achievement rates across, courses, learner type and centres and regions if you have these switched on in your system settings.

Phase 2 is in development, so watch this space for further updates!

Athena ePortfolio

Phases 1, 2 and 3 of Athena ePortfolio are now live!

Our ePortfolio is fully incorporated in Athena MIS's learner profiles, linking evidence to unit outcomes and delivery monitoring visits, providing seemless integration of data management and evidence!

Phase 3 provides a desktop application specifically for learners to upload their own evidence, track progress and communicate with their tutor / assessor!

As an Athena MIS client you will have the option to add the ePortfolio to your Athena MIS subscription, to keep all of your data management and evidence storage in one place.

The IQA Management tools built in phase 2 are available as standard, even if you don't want the ePortfolio.

The tools include:

  • Assessor Risk Assessment
  • IQA Sample Plan
  • Learner Sampling.

Further details can be found on our Internal Quality Assurance page.

Phase 4 of our ePortfolio is in development which includes an employer dashboard to track learner progression and communication between provider, employer and learner.

Check out or ePortfolio page for further information.


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