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EDIMS Reporting - Phase two

We are currently working on phase two of the EDMIS Report (Beta) Dashboard which will extend the initial four fixed reports:

  • Age, Ethnicity & Gender
  • Age, Prior Attainment & Gender
  • Age, Disability, Ethnicity & Gender
  • Age, Employment Outcome, Ethnicity & Gender

to include:

  • Learner progression across funding years.

Further development includes the functionality to import various occupancy reports generated from ILR's and downloaded from Submit Learner Data service.

Check out our Reporting Dashboards page for further information.

Athena eLearning!

During the Covid19 lockdown Athena MIS and Athena ePortfolio has proven it's worth to our clients, as remote access for all staff and learners had already been built into their working practices, which made for a pretty seemless transition when working from home.

We've had a good look at what else we can develop to be of ultimate benefit to training providers, especially coming out the otherside of this pandemic.

With this in mind we're entering our next phase of development, eLearning!

As usual, the development will be delivered in phased releases:

  • Phase 1 - eLearning functionality delivered and tracked within Athena ePortfolio which includes building eLearning materials from any existing workbooks and/or bespoke content, for learners to access across all funding streams.
  • Phase 2 - development of authoring tools for you to build your own eLearning content to be delivered within the system.
  • Phase 3 - To be announced!

 As always, we won't be charging fees on an individual or per course / learner basis unless you want it that way!

Having a fixed monthly fee without restrictions on number of learners will help manage cashflow, grow your business and increase your profit margin!

Athena ePortfolio

We currently have two versions of Athena ePortfolio for both desktop and web, the desktop version is equipt with file compression tools on upload to reduce file size without loosing quality.

Both of the Athena ePortfolio applications are used specifically by learners to upload their own evidence, track progress and communicate with their tutor / assessor.

Phase 4 of our ePortfolio is in development which includes an employer dashboard to track learner progression and communication between provider, employer and learner.

Check out or ePortfolio page for further information.


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