Who are Cleverclogs Multimedia?


Data ninja’s! That’s who we are... You may laugh (or groan) but seriously, managing your data is our passion and we’ve built some cracking software applications to prove it.

We are members of the Education and Skills Funding Agency’s software writers group and make sure that Athena MIS is fully compliant with the ESFA’s ILR specification documentation at all times.

We have designed and created Athena MIS from the ground up with the aim to support small training providers, not only with data management but with ILR creation, validation and submissions too.

We really do pride ourselves on our customer support, we offer as much as you need, not just for the ins and outs of how Athena MIS works, as we have ‘How to..’ videos for that, but more importantly to help with your ILR process or even just a little hand holding to get you up to speed as quickly as possible.

I believe that to date we have the only MIS with a fully integrated ePortfolio, meaning you can upload evidence directly to the learner profile without having to login to a separate system! Phase one is fully functional and has been released in the Athena MIS January update, phase two has been released but is currently being extended with additional IQA /EQA functionality. Phase 3, the learner interface will soon be in development with an estimated released date of mid January 2019.

We maybe small but we care a great deal about our clients and jump to action at a moment’s notice, making sure any research or information gathered is posted in Cleverblogs on our website and email update newsletters are sent out covering any new modifications, additions, and step by step ‘How To..’ videos, so you’re never left in the dark.

There are huge changes ahead due to the apprenticeship reform, levy and GDPR so it’s always good to know there is someone to ask or share information with, we don’t have a support ticketing system, simply pick up the phone or drop us an email and we will respond within minutes!

Yes, GDPR is here and we’d already made significant updates to Athena MIS as part of our compliance project ahead of 25th May 2018 deadline!

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